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stok provides measurable solutions to help partners realize energy and cost savings, increasing system’s efficiency, reliability, and the occupant comfort in a building.


stok’s Quality Assurance team brings value to design and operations teams by taking an efficiency-first approach to energy and cost savings. We manage the building commissioning process to deliver efficient and reliable results that benefit both owner and occupant.


By getting involved early and taking an integrated team approach, we turn complex challenges into simple solutions.

“Our experience with stok has resulted in a friendship and shared mission that continues to grow. For the Zero Net Energy Center, they managed development and execution of the high performance building features from concept through operations, resulting in a project that exceeded expectations. Now we are enjoying Zero Net Energy performance for our third year running!”

Byron B., JATC


New Building Commissioning (Cx)
Too many things can go (terribly) wrong during the design and construction process; owners come to stok’s team of Professional Engineers for 3rd party design review and on site verification to ensure the design & construction team delivers what they paid for.
Title 24 Consulting
The building code is complex…and is only going to get tougher. We help the AEC (Architects, Engineers & Contractors) community navigate these challenges to reduce risk and cost, and discover value-add energy solutions.
Existing Building Commissioning (RCx)
Existing and On-Going Building Commissioning is often overlooked. We provide this service to owners who want to reduce operating expenses, uncover at-risk equipment and increase occupant comfort.
Measurement & Verification
For projects that are investing in building performance, it’s important to ensure that the systems and features selected to perform are meeting there targets. stok provides robust M&V data so decision makers can manage their assets.
Building Performance Audits
Think of Energy Auditing a building like you would CAT scanning a person. Our engineering team analyzes building data and performs a thorough on-site examination to provide owners a report detailing the current status of the building and what the cost and options are for upgrades. We do these all of the time for lots of real estate & corporate partners, but our specialty is doing them for existing buildings where the team is aiming for net zero energy.



When owners review their building’s energy use, they always look at cost saving strategies and inevitably realize that energy performance is one of biggest influencers of and easiest ways to decrease cost.

We are the trusted sustainability advisor to help lead the most talented, progressive owners through quality assurance processes. We take energy inefficiencies and produce great ideas to turn into tangible solutions. This increases the certainty, reliability, and a level of savings for building owners.

Our team lives to verify the delivery and performance of exceptional buildings. Continuous monitoring and a focus on end goals assures that a defined level of quality will be realized during a construction process and for an operational building. This requires the expertise, a multi-faceted skill-set, deep humility and a commitment to iterative learning that our Quality Assurance team has.

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