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From concept to construction, stok’s Project Management team guides partners through complex projects with proficiency, joy, and of course, exceptional results.


Big goals require broad vision and experienced leadership. stok’s Project Management team guides partners through complex projects, such as Zero Energy, LEED Platinum, or the Living Building Challenge, and delivers performance-driven results.

We have completed seven Net Zero Energy projects and are a qualified developer for the Investor Confidence Project.

“Our experience with stok has resulted in a friendship and shared mission that continues to grow. For the Zero Net Energy Center, they managed development and execution of the high performance building features from concept through operations, resulting in a project that exceeded expectations. Now we are enjoying Zero Net Energy performance for our third year running!”

Byron B. JATC


“What’s possible with our building/space?” We help boutique occupiers, corporate tenants and real estate groups answer questions about goals around net zero energy, Living Building Challenge, biophilic design, urban agriculture and more. What questions can we answer for you?
Due Diligence
Permiting, cost, scheduling and feasibility – stok’s project management team ensures owners & tenants have all the information they need, early on, to move forward with the project.
Planning & Concept
We aim to deliver beautiful, sustainabile and affordable spaces. By incorporating our design team in early space planning and conceptual design, stok brings a cost-effective, and synergistic, approach to Project Management.
Owner's Representation
Relationships and communication make all the difference; the stok PM team brings the expected breadth of knowledge but suprises with the vision and joy to enhance the project delivery process. We’re certain you’ll feel that difference.
Design & Construction Project Management
We envision a place where our partners can trust us enough to take their hands off the wheel. The stok team is prepared to act as your single point of contact and contract manager throughout the design and construction process. Don’t fret – full kimono unveiling is the only way we operate.


Let’s meet in person and discuss how we could partner; here’s our Project Management team’s SOQ to kick-start that conversation:


We not only manage the construction of your project; our comprehensive team can help you create the space that fits your needs. Our process is a seamless experience.

Along with our colleagues at stok, we are able to offer a complete range of services throughout the strategy, design, construction, and commissioning phases of each project.