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Building science and human health research are at the core of stok’s data-driven, systems-thinking approach; our design guidance leads to high-performing, life-enhancing spaces.


stok’s deep understanding of how the design, operation, and demolition of buildings impact people and the environment guides the Performance Design team as we work to improve comfort, quality, and performance. Our suite of data-driven design and technical services, from space design to energy & indoor air quality analyses to daylight modeling, work in concert or individually to take the mystery out of complex decision-making and help achieve our client’s vision.

“Our experience with stok has resulted in a friendship and shared mission that continues to grow. For the Zero Net Energy Center, they managed development and execution of the high performance building features from concept through operations, resulting in a project that exceeded expectations. Now we are enjoying Zero Net Energy performance for our third year running!”

Byron B., JATC


Building Performance Analysis
Achieving complex performance goals – like biophilic or regenerative spaces – require an understanding of what it’s going to take and the best way to get there. Our bullpen of achitects, engineers and building science nerds can ninja through these hurdles like nobody’s business. We use modeling of energy, daylight, comfort and various computational analysis to inform design teams on different options and their relative cost / sustainability impact.
Passive Design & Net Zero Energy Buildings
We are net zero energy experts…simple as that. We’ve learned a lot from the dozen ZNE projects we’ve been lucky enough to work on. We take those lessons learned and our net-zero award-winning designs into every engagement. What else would you like to know?
Healthy Buildings
Nearly every aspect of the built environment impacts occupant health. We tap into growing evidence that lies at the intersection of human health and the built environment We help project teams make informed design choices that affect everything from air quality, lighting, materials, and installation techniques, to furniture, fixtures, equipment, and layout, resulting in healthier buildings and greater user satisfaction.
Data Visualization
We tell beautiful and insightful stories with complex data streams. Brands call on stok to combine analytics with compelling visualizations to convey a message to teams, decision makers, and clients.


Let’s meet in person and discuss how we could partner; here’s the Performance Design team’s SOQ to kick-start that conversation:


Leveraging diverse backgrounds, and brought together by a shared passion for rigorous data-driven solutions, the core competency of the Performance Design team is computational performance analysis. stok uses industry leading tools and techniques to help clients understand the full impact of design decisions under consideration.