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At stok, our certification consulting work is grounded in design and engineering knowledge, real estate expertise, innovative thinking, and exceptional client communication.


Our in-house processes, technical savvy, and clear communication make us an exceptional partner for certifying new and existing buildings and meeting our partners’ real estate, sustainability, and financial vision and goals.

With rich, joyful storytelling post-certification, our partners are guaranteed to make the most out of their accomplishment.

“The stok team is a pleasure to work with, and the passion for the work they do is contagious and shines through. Their efficiency and experience means that deadlines are consistently met and time is saved.”

– Sara N., Kilroy Realty


We refuse to simply cat heard and play paperwork wrangler. LEED is where we cut our teeth as a company years ago. Having led over 50 million square feet of real estate and 150+ projects through all of LEED’s rating systems, stok uses its industry-leading expertise to make the certification process impactful and streamlined.
Living Building Challenge (LBC)
We believe in the regenerative design objectives of LBC and the pioneers at the International Living Future Institute who birthed the system. To be frank, achieving this certification is an ambitious goal; but with the right team (and we think we’ve got it) the LBC journey can be magical and righteous.
GreenPoint Rated (GPR)
Clients come to us for this certification because it’s often required; we however love Green Point Rated projects and enhance the value of this certification to our clients by incorporating health, sustainability strategy and analysis into the process. Instead of just a checklist exercise we enhance their real estate value.
WELL Building Standard
WELL is changing the way the industry looks at the occupant experience and health criteria of those who occupy the physical realm. With WELL APs and a materials scientist on staff, stok provides subject matter expertise early in the design process to ensure a seamless experience through the Performance Verification phase.
RESET is new and screams leadership around the accountability of IAQ metrics in the built environement. stok’s resident RESET expert is piloting this indoor air quality protocol in the US (fresh from China!). Contact us for more information on this growing certification.


Let’s meet in person and discuss how we could partner; here’s our team’s Certification and Branding team’s SOQ to kick-start that conversation:


Our partners aren’t looking for the status quo. They’re using building certification systems and targets as baselines for driving big change. We help them break down big visions and goals into clear, practical steps — then we embark on the adventure together. And, we don’t stop when the project is complete. We help our partners market their story in a way that’s meaningful to their brand.

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