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Automated Phone System
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Phone Jacks on back of the 4-line VoicePro VP412 Phone System
TCL VoicePro VP412 Automated Phone System ~ 4 lines ~ 12 extensions

NOTE: The VoicePro is presently out of stock. But this info remains for informational purposes.

The VoicePro is an inexpensive system that handles your calls professionally with features such as...
  • Answer multiple callers and route them to local or remote personnel.

  • Function as a business answering machine with phone extensions and voicemail.

  • Play recorded information for common inquiries.

  • Easy custom programming to your specific needs, even from remote locations.

This page has a lot of information about the VoicePro phone system that will answer many of your questions. Scroll down to the subheading that best relates to your inquiry. You will also find more detailed discussions about the VoicePro with the navigation links in the right-hand column.

Easy Customization with Flexible Programming

Just enter simple function codes with the push buttons on any regular touch tone phone.

You can record your own company greetings for Day, Night, and Weekend. The day/night auto attendant can be set to your own schedule.

It works with your existing standard telephones and phone lines. Your phones are assigned two-digit extension numbers that can be dialed direct (10, 11, 12 etc.). Just plug each phone into the desired extension jack on the back of the unit.

All extensions include VoiceMail to take messages for any calls that are not answered. It plays a personally recorded greeting, and it takes a message in that person's private mailbox.

You can also transfer calls or set call forwarding of each extension to another location, even to your cellular phone.

Each voice mailbox has Message Notification that will alert you with a light on your telephone, stutter dial tone, or by calling your cell phone with live message alert.

Click to see programming examples

Best Phone Greeting Samples for a Business Phone System

Caller satisfaction is the most important consideration when programming any answering machine or small business phone system.

You'll want to start with a short and friendly welcome message:

"Thank you for calling Xyz Corporation."

Then you'll want to give the caller quick instructions to help guide their call without frustrating them. Such as:

"For sales press 1, for support press 2."

You may also want to provide helpful recorded information, such as:

"For directions to our office, press 3."

It also helps to give repeat callers quick options. For example:

"If you know the extension of the party you wish
to reach, you may enter it at any time."

Callers who are very busy may not want to listen to your menu. They just try pressing 0 and you don't want to lose or frustrate those customers. So it's important to give callers the opportunity to speak with a live person by pressing zero.

Normally option zero rings to extension 10. And if no one answers, the caller will hear a special additional greeting that you record for that extension, such as:

"All our personnel are busy helping other customers.
Please leave a message and we will return your call promptly."

There are many other ways to handle this. If you wish, you can make incoming calls ring multiple extensions, so any of your personnel can take the call.

If you are on your own and not in the office, and you need to be notified, the VoicePro can call your cell phone to tell you that you have a message, and let you listen to it.

If you'd rather get the call live at a remote location, fine. It can forward your caller to your cell phone.

So as you can see, you can do as much or as little as you need with your phone system. The VoicePro is that flexible.

You Can Use Your Existing Phones

The VoicePro is a multi-line automated phone system with a customizable auto attendant for professional call handling. It works with regular single-line telephones. This actually keeps the cost down because you are not paying for a big name and you can use your existing phones.

What You Get with the VoicePro

VoicePro Parts Included
The VoicePro contains everything you need. No computer is required! Just add your own single-line telephones for each extension.
  • We include a six-foot phone wire for each incoming phone line to go from your wall jack to the jacks on the unit.

  • We also give you line splitters that are only needed if you have two lines on one jack. These split the lines into two individual wires that connect to the line jacks on the VoicePro.

  • An audio cable with 3.5mm phono plugs on each end is included so that you can connect a music source for music-on-hold. You can use a radio, MP3 player, or most any music player.

  • A power adapter is included for safe low-voltage supplied to the unit. Just plug into any 120 volt, 60 Cycle AC outlet.

  • Finally, we give you an easy-to-understand user's manual that shows how to connect your unit and how to program it to function the way you want.

Installation Requirements

Installation is easy! You just connect the VoicePro to your phone line(s), plug in the power, and plug in your existing standard touch-tone telephones. Then follow the Quick Start Programming section in the manual. You can program it from any extension or remotely from any phone with password protection.

Telephones: You can use any standard analog telephone. If the phone works when connected direct to the incoming Central Office jacks then you know it's compatible. Proprietary phones specific to other vendor's phone systems will not work. Cordless phones that use digital communication between base and handset are okay. They are still analog from the base to the VoicePro.

Single-line phones: A single-line phone is all you need for each in-house extension. Each phone becomes an extension in your home or small office with it's own 2-digit extension number that can be dialed directly (extension 10 and up). The VoicePro does not require multi-line phones. It automatically gives single-line phones access to all lines. If you don't understand why, read Why You Don't Need Multi-line Phones with the VoicePro.

Wiring: You will want all your extensions to lead to a central location where you will place the unit. The incoming CO lines should also lead to this same location. All the CO lines should have regular single line jacks (RJ-11) so that you can easily connect them to the back of the VoicePro, which has a single jack for each line and for each phone as shown in the illustrations below. But we include a line splitter just in case you have two lines in a single jack (RJ-14).

Full view of the back of the VoicePro VP412 Phone System
Back of VP412: AC adapter plug, 12 extensions, music, and incoming lines

Close-up of 4 incoming CO line jacks and jack for music source on VP412
Close-up of 4 incoming CO line jacks and jack for music source on VP412

Closeup of extension phone jacks on the back of the VP412 phone system
Close-up of 12 extension jacks (10 thru 21) on VP412


Phone Company Service Recommendations

The following recommendations allow you to get the most benefit from your VoicePro:

Multiple Lines: The only way the VoicePro can handle multiple callers simultaneously is to have additional phone lines. The VP206 will support up to two phone lines for incoming or outbound calls. If you have 3 or 4 lines, the VP412 will support up to four callers simultaneously, either inbound or outbound. If you only have one phone line, your phone service provider can only send one caller to the VoicePro at a time or provide only one dialtone to the VoicePro for outgoing calls.

Caller ID: The VoicePro passes Caller ID to the individual extensions. This service from your phone company is not required, but is fully supported if you have it.

Line Rollover: Also known as a hunt group. This is recommended so that a busy line will roll over to the next line. This is how the VoicePro will be able to receive and handle multiple calls coming in on the same number. All the lines in the Hunt/Rollover Group should be connected to VoicePro. See "How To Avoid Busy Signals With Phone Line Rollover" for a full explanation.

Three-Way Calling: The VoicePro has three methods of transferring calls to a remote location. It can use the second line, but 3-way calling allows it to use a single line for transfers as well as forwarding calls to your cell phone or any other number.

Transfer and Release: Ask your service provider for this. It's included with services known as Centrex or Plexar®. It releases the phone line after a call has been transferred to a remote number so that the VoicePro can receive another call on that same line.

Compatible Telephony Modem: This is only a concern if you have your phone service over the Internet. If so, it is important that you read an understand the next section:

Compatibility with VoIP Services

The VoicePro is designed for connection to regular phone lines. If you are using a VoIP service (phone service via Internet, either over cable or DSL broadband) you need to be sure you have a compatible VoIP adapter.

If your phone service is provided by your cable company then you may have VoIP service.

If this is the case, read "VoIP Compatibility Issues with Phone Systems" before you buy.

Easy-To-Follow Installation & Programming Manual

VoicePro Installation and Programming Manual We personally created a new and improved user's manual that clearly shows you how to create a professional Automated Attendant with the VoicePro.

Our manual literally walks you through the entire installation with an easy-to-follow Quick Installation Guide and detailed programming examples.

This new Installation and Programming Manual was revised in 2013.


30-Day Full Refund

If you aren't satisfied with your VoicePro, simply return it to us within 30 days in the original packaging for a full 100% refund.

One Year Warranty

We will repair or replace your unit if a manufacturer's defect hinders its proper operation for up to one year from the date of purchase.

Do you have questions?

VoicePro Support Group We recognize the benefit of giving our customers the ability to communicate among themselves and share their user experience with one another. So we created the VoicePro User Support Group.

This is a free online community of VoicePro users where you can ask questions and get quick answers from us, or from other customers. Go ahead, sign up and give it a try.

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