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Purpose and Vision

At stok our purpose is to boldly catalyze an environmentally restorative and socially equitable world. When our partners are the world’s most impactful leaders in environmental and social justice, and our team members view work as play, we will have reached our destination.

“We’re not just profit maximizers, but also purpose maximizers.”

– Daniel Pink

Certified B Corporation

Most companies have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits. Our B-Corp certification allows us to not only maximize profits, but also maximize activities that benefit the greater social and environmental good.

B Corporation

Organizational Biomimicry

We designed stok like nature would design an organization. Think of overlapping concentric circles that move away from traditional hierarchy to efficient, self-organized teams of peers. There are no bosses at stok. Instead, we operate under the assumption that every team member is an innately good human being who can be trusted to do the right thing. Crazy, right?

We’re not motivated by money and status. We are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and a shared purpose: autonomy structured so we all have a say in what we do, mastery over what we are passionate about, and purpose that drives us to maximize our own potential as well as our social and environmental impact.

“At the moment power is shared, people feel needed and valued. Because they are needed and valued.”

– Dennis Bakke

A ‘JUST’ Company

As a part of our commitment to an equitable workplace, we published a JUST label to disclose our progress as a socially responsible organization. JUST functions as a “nutrition label” that indicates performance in key social justice categories that align with our values, including diversity, equity, and community stewardship.

We hope to show that, as proud as we are of our ratings, there is always room for growth – and we encourage other firms to disclose & grow with us.

JUST Label

We’d like to help you contribute to an environmentally restorative and socially equitable world